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Tooth Implant Cost In Malaysia vs Quality

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Every patient deserves the best when it comes to their dental health and that’s precisely what we at Sim & Hooi Dental Clinic believe in as well. This includes getting dental implants and carefully selecting each component used when replacing a missing tooth.

How should one compare tooth implant costs in Malaysia?

Is the cheapest really the best?

When considering tooth implant costs in Malaysia, here’s what you will be paying:

  1. Experience - Your dentist’s experience directly correlates to the cost of the treatment, as working with top-notch professionals minimises any potential risk you’ll face.

  2. Preliminary procedure - In the case of additional preparation procedures required, such as tooth extraction, sinus elevation or bone grafting, you can expect your dental cost to increase.

  3. Materials - Implants are typically made from titanium or zirconium. The quality of these materials dictates the price of your procedure as well.

  4. Laboratory - The laboratory in which your dental crown is produced can determine the cost of the dental implant.

  5. Individual characteristics - As we are all aware, everyone has different dental issues. Thus, dental implants are highly customised for each patient. Depending on your requirements, costs may vary as well.

  6. Location -As your dental clinic’s location varies, the price of the dental implant procedure may differ as appropriate based on the state, city etc.

If you have any missing teeth, you should consider getting a tooth implant, as it feels and looks like a real tooth! Besides improving your oral well-being and restoring your confidence, tooth implants also have longer durability than dentures or bridges.

Always remember to consult your trusted dentist to find the best solution for your needs. Instead of looking at tooth implant costs in Malaysia, you should look for value in the quality you’re getting.

Ready to dive deeper? Learn about how dental implant treatment works in Malaysia by reading our article.

In addition to considering tooth implants as a viable option, we strongly recommend taking early precautions to prevent them. Check out our article "How Can I Avoid Having a Dental Implant Procedure?" for helpful tips on maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing tooth loss.

Contact us at Sim & Hooi Dental Clinic for more information on how we can assist you.

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