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Sleep apnea, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome and snoring are some examples of SRBD, which can affect both children and adults. 

In people with SRBD,  their sleep quality is significantly affected by their inability to properly breathe while asleep. Unfortunately, most sufferers of SRBD are largely unaware that they are not breathing properly while asleep.

Signs and symptoms of SRBD in adults include snoring, open mouth while asleep, teeth grinding during sleep, dry mouth when waking in the morning, morning headaches, unrefreshing sleep, daytime tiredness, chronic fatigue, lethargy, chronic aches and pains, insomnia, mental fog, and depression. A significant percentage of people with hypertension, heart disease and diabetes also suffer from SRBD, which complicates their heart and metabolic issues.

While in children, SRBD is manifested by one or more of the following: mouth breathing, teeth grinding while sleeping, restless sleep, hyperactivity, ADHD-like behaviour, poor performance in school, frequent nasal congestion, ear infections, etc.

Fortunately, SRBD can be managed and resolved by a team of specialists comprising dentists, ENT surgeons and other medical specialities. People who are successfully treated often report significant positive changes to their overall health and life. 


In our practice, one of our doctors, Dr Larry is trained to detect signs of SRBD in his patients, who may not even be aware that they have SRBD, so that he can help them improve their breathing, sleep quality and their overall health. Think you might have SRBD? Consult him today!

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