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Here's Why Invisible Braces Is More Than Just A Trend!

Invisible braces or more commonly known as Invisalign has been a trend among Malaysians for the past couple of years. Invisible braces became a trend for its convenience and non-invasive procedure. The procedure is commonly used for crooked teeth and misaligned teeth.

Before committing to the procedure equipping you with Invisalign, here are a few heads-up you should know:

  1. The cost depends on your condition and misalignment - As Malaysians, our first concern before making any sort of purchase is the cost, thus you should know that the cost to get invisible braces depends on the severity of your case. The severity of the case also determines your total time for the treatment.

  2. Your oral hygiene comes first - Well, with or without invisible braces, your oral hygiene should always be a priority. Differing to the metal braces, it is actually easier to maintain your oral hygiene with your invisible braces. This is due to the easy removal of the Invisalign whenever you are about to have a meal or brush your teeth. - However, you should also remember to brush your teeth after every meal or to at least give your mouth a thorough rinse. This is to avoid trapping food particles against your teeth.

  3. Retainer bound for life - Invisible braces is a full-time commitment (at least 17 to 22 hours a day) and you can definitely see results within a few months of wearing it. The whole treatment can take 1 to 2 years depending on the severity of your condition. Despite the effectiveness of the Invisalign, you should remember that you will most likely be asked to wear a retainer when you’re sleeping at night to make sure your teeth alignment doesn’t stray.

A huge upside to the invisible braces is that you’ll probably have less trips to the dentist! Metal braces wearers are well aware of the struggles you go through with the cuts and discomfort that appears every month. Luckily, none of these are present when you are fitted with an Invisalign.

At the end of the day, make sure you are well informed before proceeding with the invisible braces procedure. For more information on the Invisalign procedure in Malaysia and any enquiries just contact a Sim & Hooi Dental clinic near you for a consultation!

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