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What Is The Average Cost of Invisalign in Malaysia?

Invisalign, also known as invisible braces or clear braces, is a type of orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. It has seen its popularity rise among Malaysian youths and adults this past decade. The reason behind this orthodontic treatment's high demand is that they are nearly invisible to the naked eye and are removable. This enables individuals to go about their day as usual with a confident smile and most importantly, able to take care of their oral hygiene. Another huge plus point is the lack of bulky braces and sharp wires, which usually cause ulcerations, means it is more comfortable compared to traditional braces.

So, how much does Invisalign cost in Malaysia?

The cost of Invisalign is calculated on a case-by-case basis. Besides the severity of teeth misalignment, consultation fees vary as well. Some dental clinics may provide a complimentary pre-assessment, while some may not. Therefore, there is no one fixed cost of Invisalign in Malaysia. However, you can expect the average price of Invisalign treatments to reach up to 5 digits.

What exactly is it that will affect the total cost of Invisalign in Malaysia?

1. Severity of Teeth Misalignment

As mentioned, the cost of your Invisalign treatment is highly dependent on the severity of your case. Complex cases such as protruding jaw, open bite, overbite, and more, will require a longer duration time and additional materials as opposed to a mild case of misaligned teeth or crooked teeth. With complex cases, it may be necessary to manufacture extra sets of clear aligners for the Invisalign treatment, which adds to the total cost.

2. Experienced Orthodontists

The total cost of Invisalign in Malaysia is also dependent on your orthodontist's skill and experience. Leaving your teeth in the hands of a qualified professional may cost more but will lower the risk of any potential complications you may face.